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Do customers leave your app to find answers, chat, or make buying decisions? Our software keeps customers in your app, collaborating, chatting, making decisions, and buying more products and services.

Market on a personal level

mobile app use

app virality

Conversion rate

Higher ROI on
marketing investments

Shopping has moved to mobile, where cart abandonment rates are the highest. That’s because most apps don’t offer decision-making tools for everyday home projects, so customers leave to get the information or feedback they need to make decisions.

NaskMe collaboration helps you connect the dots:

and collaborate
with DIY checklists

with each other
and with you

with your content
and buy

To know your customers, who they shop with, and why.


Build a Mobile Experience Customers Love.

Give customers the tools to help them tackle anything. NaskMe is a fully customizable collaboration and engagement platform that easily turns a brand’s DIY content into actionable tasks & lists. NaskMe empowers marketers to manage app content in real-time.


In-App Tools and Features

Shareable checklists and customer collaboration

Customer-to-customer and company-to-customer chat

Customizable content management system

AI-enabled filtering to personalize offers and content

Guide users to preferred actions in the app


SaaS Tools & Metrics

Enterprise web portal

Data analytics platform

Marketer-directed content management

Cloud-based for scalability, transfer across the enterprise

Browser-based upload and editing toolkit