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About Us

NaskMe brings us together so we can get stuff done and focus on what matters.

About Us

NaskMe is a B2B/Enterprise SaaS solution that keeps customers in your mobile app. Our platform connects customers with your curated content so they can plan, organize, message and make purchase decisions, all without leaving the app. NaskMe is built for lists, tasks, messaging and groups and designed to promote engagement, connect customers with curated, how-to content and enable brands and retailers to turn planners and organizers into shoppers and buyers. Established to combine widespread propensity for list-making and productivity tools with curated content, NaskMe is designed to increase sales, improve customer experiences, personalize marketing and improve marketing KPI’s and ROI.

How It Works

NaskMe’s unique collaboration platform, integrated into company apps, allows users to combine interactive content – shopping lists, how-to lists and checklists – with real-time actions such as messaging, sharing, editing, assignment, acceptance, completion, details and updates. By connecting your customers to one another through shared lists, groups and messaging, we make it simple for them to start, collaborate on and finish projects. Integrating our innovative platform into your mobile app enables you to support your clients’ entire shopping and service ecosystem, increasing conversion rates, decreasing cart abandonment rates and improving app usage and virality.

NaskMe lets your customers access your curated content to easily begin any task or project, making our platform ideal for companies and their customers with needs that are planning and collaboration-intensive, driven by how-to or list content and involve multiple people, including concierge and service providers.

We Are

Headquartered just outside Washington, DC, NaskMe started as a simple way to manage everyday tasks and has grown to become a go-to collaboration technology partner for enterprises and the service providers who support them. Today NaskMe is a licensed, white-labeled SaaS solution, with a platform and commitment to you that are the same: deliver a truly customer-centered experience.

Our Team

Darcy Williamson Founder and CEO

Darcy is the Founder and CEO of NaskMe. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as it provides customers with beneficial ways to increase sales, create better customer experiences and deliver solutions to get life done. As a runner, a list maker and soccer dad with two daughters, Darcy’s to-do list usually includes an essential grocery item, something for the house, NaskMe ideas, work-life tips and driving to soccer practice.

Previously he was Executive Director and an investor in Treliant Risk Advisors, a successful risk and compliance start-up, where he led tech, marketing, business development, legal, hr, finance and real estate. Darcy was an executive at Capital One in a variety of roles, including CFO for an international lender, vice president of treasury operations and a director overseeing liquidity, capital and the company balance sheet. Darcy was also at microfinance leader FINCA Int’l, where he was instrumental in the company’s equity raise and planning activities.

Jasbir Singh CTO

Jasbir is the CTO of NaskMe. While staying close to emerging technologies that will help NaskMe customers, Jasbir leads all of the company’s technology development and implementation. Having been a field-hockey coach, school and community board member, entrepreneur, a busy parent of two (now) out-of-the-house kids, Jasbir treasures the accountability and NaskMe’s ability to help its customers manage their many responsibilities and important relationships.

Jasbir is a longtime mobile applications and solutions developer for the consumer and commercial technology development companies VivaJiva and Humbhi. Prior to VivaJiva and Humbhi, Jasbir was the COO of Togetherville, the social network which enables kids to engage in age-appropriate education and entertainment applications. While COO, Jasbir was instrumental in the company’s successful exit via sale to Disney Interactive. He has built and managed technologies for enterprise companies and large systems in highly-sensitive areas, and Jasbir was previously a technology executive at AMD.

Brad Haley CMO

Brad is the CMO of NaskMe. He leads the company’s customer acquisition, engagement and community outreach efforts, as well as initiatives delivering a wide range of useful services and solutions to its customers. Brad is an unapologetic listmaker, using lists to track the team sports schedules of his busy children and his community activities, while trying to squeeze in time for golf.

Recognized for leading the first successful multi-channel, B2B mobile app launch at Sprint-Nextel, Brad was most recently at GE’s consumer insurance subsidiary. There he led marketing strategy, communications, field sales, ecommerce and channel analytics. Throughout his career, Brad has focused on utilizing technology to improve day-to-day workflow improvements for consumers and businesses, including product strategy and marketing roles for subscription-based products and services at AARP, Raymarine and LexisNexis. He is a skilled champion of the customer experience and is an expert in thought leadership positioning and new product launch.

Will Angel Product Manager

Will designs, tests, and manages the retail product at NaskMe. He works closely with the development team, specializes in data analytics, and is involved in all aspects of product development and customer success. He enjoys cycling, reading, DIY, electronics, bass guitar, and learning about technology trends. Will was a 2017 Entrepreneurship Fellow at Georgetown University and holds a B.A. in Philosophy.

Carolyn Groobey Advisor

Carolyn is an investor/advisor to the FounderTrac business accelerator and in several additional start-up companies. Previously she was a Vice President of Product Development for PayPal’s business products which generated over $3bn in revenue.  Prior to the acquisition by PayPal, she was head of Consumer Marketing and Product Development for Bill Me Later, helping to grow the company to several hundred million in revenue and profitability. She also spent 13 years at McKinsey & Company, where she worked with both leading and startup  companies in e-commerce, mobile, software and big data to grow and improve performance.

Lisa Mayr Advisor

Lisa is CFO of EVERFI, and has over 25 years experience in finance leadership roles at public and private companies as well as private equity firms. She was previously with Blackboard, LivingSocial, GeoEye, Towers Watson, Arlington Capital Partners and Ernst & Young. Lisa is a Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from Georgetown University.  She was was named a Top CFO by Trending 40 in 2016, and was a finalist for the 2017 Women in Technology Leadership award.

Craig Montgomery Advisor

Craig has over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management and sales operations.  He is currently the SVP of Marketing and Business Development at I.D. Systems. In addition to advising several start-up technology companies, Craig previously held senior executive roles with CargoSense, Orbcomm, CMG Partners, and SprintNextel.  He earned his M.B.A. with honorary distinction from Vanderbilt University and a bachelor’s degree in marketing from San Diego State University.