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Don’t Forget Dad!

Don’t Forget Dad!

June 12, 2018 |

Fathers Day

Before we know it, it’s going to be Father’s Day! Wasn’t it literally just Mother’s Day? Mark your calendars for June 17th, take a trip to Home Depot for a gift card for Dad (at a minimum), and coordinate with your family the plan for the day.

Start the day by giving your dad a huge hug, thank him for being your number one supporter, driving you to all of your sports’ practices, helping you out with your math homework, and constantly making you laugh.

Here are a few suggestions to make Father’s Day extra special this year:

1. BBQ

  • Plan a BBQ using Dad’s famous recipes, he will appreciate the thought and will probably jump in midway on the grill.

2. Coffee Mug

  • Gift him the classic “#1 Dad” mug, that somehow almost every father owns.

3. Jar of Memories

  • If your dad is anything like mine, he will always say he doesn’t need anything. In that case, make him something special. I suggest filling a jar with inside jokes and memories – check out Pinterest for inspo!

4. Concerts & Sport Tickets

  • Search the web for a cheap concert or sports tickets. Chances are you can find a reseller and you can take your dad to a summer concert or ball game.

5. Be His Little Helper For A Day

  • Volunteer to help your dad clean his car, organize his tool shop, or even teach him how to use a new app on his phone.
  • Offer to help make dinner, grocery shop, or meal plan.

6. Take Care of Your Family Mascot For The Day

  • If you have a dog, brush and bathe him/her and clean up all of the dog poops in the backyard, your dad will be more than appreciative.

7. Introduce Him To The Digital Music World With A  Spotify Subscription

  • Buy your dad a Spotify subscription, the same CDs he’s had since the 90s are surely scratched or skipping at this point.  Bonus points if you create a playlist for him!

8. It’s Not A Father’s Day Celebration if There’s No Beer Involved, Indulge Him In his Favorite Beer

  • Buy your dad a 6 pack of his favorite craft beer (with Mom’s help of course).

9. Frame Your Favorite Photo of The Two of You

  • Find a photo of you two, buy a frame from a craft store, and customize it with his favorite sports team.

Hopefully, our suggestions helped spark some ideas, no matter which option you choose, don’t forget to use the NaskMe app to coordinate who is doing what. Be sure to send us pictures at @NaskMe and let us know what your plans are for the holiday!

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