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The point of lists is getting them accomplished. NaskMe, the shared to do list app, makes group planning and organization simple and stress-free.


Turn Any List Into a Plan

  • Create and collaborate on lists with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Share a list to create and edit as a team.
  • Any task on a list can be assigned or grabbed by anyone.
  • Group results are transparent, encouraging participation from everyone.


Get a Head Start

  • Jump-start your group’s planning with hundreds of NaskMe starter checklists provided in the app.
  • Quickly customize any list for what you have get done.
  • Use our checklists to plan your personal to do list.

The Power of Teamwork

  • Create groups of any size from your friends, teams, classmates, roommates or family – anyone you rely on to get stuff done.
  • Share lists and tasks with any size group for any situation.
  • Everyone sees and works on the same list at the same time, all from your phone.

It’s All in the Details

  • Create, assign, and track tasks for yourself or anyone.
  • Add useful details if it helps – favorites are location, photos, calendar and budget.
  • Message any size group when you have something to share, or use group messaging tied to any task and keep track of all the details.

Always Know Where Things Stand

  • Stop combing through endless texts, emails and group messages to figure out where things stand.
  • NaskMe’s real-time status tracking, reminders and notifications keep everyone on the same page at the same time.
  • We keep track of all the details so they’re right where you need them when you need them.

Access and Convenience Help
You Cross the Finish Line

  • Don’t just make lists and track tasks, accomplish your goals!
  • Follow lists and tasks to completion in the app.
  • NaskMe helps you conveniently finish tasks in the app by making product purchases and settling up with the group by making payments.  

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